Mixing Secrets – Johnny Lokke, Promises and Lies

I had a go at another Mixing secrets set of tracks.  This time this one was right up my ally…METAL!  This one is by Johnny Lokke.  http://johnnylokkeband.com/

I was channeling my inner Judas Priest on this one.


Edit: Sept 28, 2018

I’ve learned a fair bit since I mixed this song back in Feb.  I listened to it and thought it’d be interesting to apply some of the new techniques I’ve learned recently.  

Jonah Smith – Recorded at Sunset Studios

Thank you to Warren Huart for access to another set of quality multitracks to learn from.  This time its a song from America’s Got Talent Semi-Finalist Jonah Smith.  I don’t actually know the name of the song, so let’s call it “Again”.  Apparently this was a one take recording.


Here’s a link to Jonah’s website. https://www.jonahsmith.com/

Here’s the same track mastered.


Warren Huart Xmas Tracks – Chase, Gone

I’m subscribed to Warren Huart’s “Produce like a Pro” email list.  This xmas he gave us tracks to a song called “Gone” from a band called Chase.  This is Warrens mix;


Here’s my fist cut at mixing the song;

Then I decided what would it sound like if I pushed everything a little too big, Kinda “Five Finger death Punch”;

Interesting huh.

Waves Mixing Comp 2017

Here’s my entry for the waves mixing competition.

For more information on the competition check it out here: Waves Comp

The subject matter isn’t to my taste, but after hearing the tracks a couple of hundred times I stopped hearing the words.

Here’s the master of the same track.