Mixing Secrets – Johnny Lokke, Promises and Lies

I had a go at another Mixing secrets set of tracks.  This time this one was right up my ally…METAL!  This one is by Johnny Lokke.  http://johnnylokkeband.com/

I was channeling my inner Judas Priest on this one.


Edit: Sept 28, 2018

I’ve learned a fair bit since I mixed this song back in Feb.  I listened to it and thought it’d be interesting to apply some of the new techniques I’ve learned recently.  

Unicorn Rodeo – Maybe

Thank you to the Unicorn Rodeo guys for providing their tracks on the Cambridge site.  The 27 guitar tracks was a real challenge.  Hopefully I got the fullness of the guitars in the mix that they were after.  Check it out;

I listened to the above on my phone speaker and I didn’t like how the reverb pushed everything into the background.  Here’s another version mixed with less reverb.

And here’s another brickwall limited hard to see what that sounds like on my phone.

Edit #4.

I wasn’t happy with the mixes above.  I made a bunch of modifications from new things I’ve learned.  Here’s that version;

Edit #5

It seemed like it needed some sparkle

Marks Coffee Cab Mix – Spectre Sound Studio

Glenn Fricker from https://spectremedia.ca/ was gracious in sharing the multi tracks from the video he made about the Coffee Custom Cabs LUNGO.  This is the video where he demos what the cabinet sounds like:

Here is my version of the mix;

Edit #1:

Tried using some of the Tracks compressors in it.

Jonah Smith – Recorded at Sunset Studios

Thank you to Warren Huart for access to another set of quality multitracks to learn from.  This time its a song from America’s Got Talent Semi-Finalist Jonah Smith.  I don’t actually know the name of the song, so let’s call it “Again”.  Apparently this was a one take recording.


Here’s a link to Jonah’s website. https://www.jonahsmith.com/

Here’s the same track mastered.


Warren Huart Xmas Tracks – Chase, Gone

I’m subscribed to Warren Huart’s “Produce like a Pro” email list.  This xmas he gave us tracks to a song called “Gone” from a band called Chase.  This is Warrens mix;


Here’s my fist cut at mixing the song;

Then I decided what would it sound like if I pushed everything a little too big, Kinda “Five Finger death Punch”;

Interesting huh.